The Recovery Spot

"The Recovery Spot" operates under a governance structure that involves a "Board of Directors and Voting Trustees." The individuals who hold positions as "Board Members and Trustees" collectively form the voting membership of this board. This arrangement ensures that decision-making and oversight responsibilities are carried out by this group of dedicated individuals, who contribute their expertise and insights to the functioning and direction of the community center.

Wade Gale


1. Recommending Members for Committees: The Board President identifies suitable individuals for various committees and appoints committee chairs, ensuring that the right people are contributing to specific areas of the community center's work.

2. Collaborating on Board Meeting Agendas: The Board President works in tandem with the executive director to create comprehensive agendas for board meetings, ensuring that essential topics are covered and discussions are productive.

3. Facilitating New Board Member Orientations: The Board President plays a role in introducing new board members to the organization's operations, culture, and goals during orientations, helping them integrate smoothly into their roles.

4. Leading Executive Director's Performance Evaluation: The Board President takes the lead in evaluating the performance of the executive director on an annual basis, contributing to effective leadership oversight.

5. Assisting in Board Member Recruitment: The Board President actively participates in identifying and recruiting qualified individuals who can contribute effectively to the community center's mission and objectives.

6. Serving as Spokesperson: As needed, the Board President represents the nonprofit organization publicly, conveying its mission, initiatives, and impact to stakeholders.

7. Overseeing Board Member Self-Evaluation: The Board President takes the lead in the annual process of evaluating the board's performance and effectiveness, contributing to continuous improvement.

8. Contributing Annually: The Board President demonstrates commitment by making an annual donation to support the community center's initiatives.

Overall, the Board President's multifaceted role is pivotal in ensuring the success and impact of Ad Infinitum Community Center, fostering collaboration, effective governance, and strategic leadership.

Jordan Lee

Vice President

1. **Running Board Meetings:** The Vice President takes charge of conducting board meetings upon request and in the absence of the Board President, ensuring that discussions remain organized and productive.

2. **Spokesperson Role:** As required, the Vice President represents the nonprofit organization externally, communicating its mission, values, and initiatives to stakeholders and the broader community.

3. **Assisting with Board President Duties:** The Vice President collaborates with the Board President in fulfilling their responsibilities, supporting the overall functioning and decision-making of the board.

4. **Special Duties:** The Vice President takes on special tasks as assigned, contributing to specific projects or initiatives that align with the community center's goals.

5. **Annual Donation:** Demonstrating commitment to the organization's objectives, the Vice President makes an annual donation, underscoring their dedication to the community center's mission.

By fulfilling these roles, the Vice President not only ensures the board's operational effectiveness but also plays a crucial part in advancing Ad Infinitum Community Center's mission and objectives.

Janette Butner


1. **Scheduling Board Meetings:** The Board Secretary is responsible for coordinating and scheduling board meetings, ensuring that members can convene regularly to discuss matters of importance.

2. **Board Member Orientation:** The Board Secretary assists in the orientation process for new board members, aiding in their integration into the organization's structure, goals, and culture.

3. **Taking Attendance:** During board meetings, the Board Secretary records attendance to maintain accurate records of member participation.

4. **Minute-Taking and Approval:** One of the key roles of the Board Secretary is to take comprehensive and precise meeting minutes, capturing discussions, decisions, and action items. These minutes are then submitted for approval by the board.

5. **Maintaining Board Records:** The Board Secretary oversees the organization and management of board records, ensuring that essential documents and materials are easily accessible and organized.

6. **Secure Storage:** Official board documents, contracts, and sensitive materials are securely stored under the Board Secretary's supervision, safeguarding the organization's legal and operational integrity.

7. **Tracking Board Member Terms:** The Board Secretary keeps track of board member terms and expiration dates, facilitating smooth transitions and appointments.

8. **Legal Compliance:** The Board Secretary monitors the organization's compliance with legal requirements, regulations, and internal policies, helping to prevent potential issues.

9. **Annual Donation:** Demonstrating dedication to the nonprofit's mission, the Board Secretary contributes through an annual donation, displaying a personal commitment to the organization's success.

Through their diligent efforts, the Board Secretary plays a critical role in protecting Ad Infinitum Community Center's interests, ensuring its accountability, and supporting the efficient functioning of the board and the organization as a whole.

Ryan Roestenburg


1. **Budget Management:** The Board Treasurer takes charge of managing the organization's budget, overseeing income, expenses, and financial projections to ensure the proper allocation of resources.

2. **Leading Annual Audit:** The Board Treasurer assumes a central role in leading the annual audit process, ensuring that financial records are thoroughly reviewed for accuracy and compliance.

3. **Audit Questions:** During the audit, the Board Treasurer is responsible for addressing any queries that arise and providing explanations or clarifications related to the financial statements.

4. **Chairing Finance Committee:** The Board Treasurer chairs the finance committee, collaborating with other committee members to provide financial oversight and strategic guidance to the organization.

5. **Collaboration with Executive Director:** The Board Treasurer partners closely with the executive director to maintain up-to-date and accurate financial reports. This collaboration ensures that the board has current information to inform their decisions.

6. **Timely Financial Reports:** To facilitate effective decision-making, the Board Treasurer ensures that board members can access financial reports promptly. Utilizing board management software enhances the accessibility and efficiency of this process.

7. **Annual Donation:** The Board Treasurer, like other board members, contributes to the nonprofit organization through an annual donation, reflecting their commitment to the community center's objectives.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, the Board Treasurer plays a pivotal role in the financial health, transparency, and sustainability of Ad Infinitum Community Center. Their expertise and dedication contribute to the organization's ability to fulfill its mission and serve its community effectively.

Samantha Voyles

Member @ Large: Trustee

1. **Managing Non-Voting Member Input:** The Trustee at-large takes charge of gathering and managing input from non-voting members and consultants, ensuring that their insights and perspectives are heard and considered during board discussions.

2. **Attendance at Board Meetings:** The Trustee at-large is expected to attend all board meetings, contributing to the board's discussions, decisions, and overall direction.

3. **Active Engagement:** During board meetings, the Trustee at-large actively engages in discussions, sharing insights from non-voting members and offering valuable input to help shape the organization's strategies.

4. **Committee Involvement:** To deepen their contribution, the Trustee at-large serves on at least one committee, collaborating with other board members to address specific areas of the organization's work.

5. **Annual Donation:** Demonstrating a commitment to the organization's mission and objectives, the Trustee at-large contributes through an annual donation.

6. **Supporting Board Decisions:** Even if the Trustee at-large may have voted differently on a matter, they commit to supporting board decisions. This cohesion ensures that the board operates as a unified body and respects collective decisions.

7. **Representing Non-Voting Members:** As a representative of non-voting members and consultants, the Trustee at-large serves as a bridge between the board and these individuals, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.

By fulfilling these roles, the Trustee at-large plays an essential part in ensuring that the organization benefits from a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. This position contributes to informed decision-making, inclusivity, and the overall success of Ad Infinitum Community Center's initiatives.