Park City, Utah

This is the event I am most proud of and have felt the highest level of satisfaction.

Event Overview:

Event Name: Lion Tree Corporate Event

Date: February 2021

Budget: $4.2 million

Duration: 6 days

Operational Organization:

1. Logistics of Venue Management:

   - Coordinating logistics for 9 different locations, including:
    - Deer Valley Ski Resort Yurt
    - St. Regis Hotel Park City
    - Montage Hotel Park City
    - Goldener Hirsch Hotel Park City
    - OP Rockwell Park City
    - Blue Sky Ranch
    - Stein Eriksen
    - Riverhorse on Main
    - Empire Lodge

2. Transportation Logistics:
  - Managing logistics for (8) 16" Penske Trucks and (8) 26" Penske Trucks.
  - Managing transport of Special Guests and clients from hotels to events.

3. Staffing Management:

   - Hiring, training, and scheduling 46 employees for various roles throughout the event.

4. Furniture and Decor Logistics:

  - Organizing the movement of event furniture, decor, and inventory between locations.
  - Ensuring correct inventory was packed onto trucks for transportation.
  - Coordinating the setup and striking of event inventory at different locations.

5. Guest and VIP Management:

  - Arranging transportation and event spaces for special guests, including celebrities such as Jewel, the Killers, JJ Abrams, and the CEO of Verizon.
  - Ensuring the safety and comfort of celebrity guests and corporate CEOs.

6. Equipment and Supplies Management:

  - Managing a $40,000 budget for supplies and equipment necessary for event setup, striking, cleaning, and maintenance.
  - Overseeing inventory maintenance and logistics of supporting equipment throughout the event.


The Lion Tree Corporate Event represented the largest and most complex project undertaken, showcasing my organizational skills, logistical acumen, recruiting proficiency, and adaptability under pressure. The successful execution of this event demonstrated my ability to provide seamless support while ensuring guests experienced the luxury of the event without witnessing operational complexities.


As the primary orchestrator behind the scenes, I served as the heartbeat and lifeblood of the event, ensuring its smooth operation and ultimate success. My dedication and expertise were instrumental in bringing the event to life and creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.  The  Lion Tree Event, was equivalent to 9 separate events, as each venue was a very unique and special event in and of its own.  

This portfolio showcases some of the various events I have managed with the same level of operational excellence as the Lion Tree Corporate Event. Each event, though varying in scale, demonstrates your proficiency and commitment to delivering exceptional results.


(due to NDA's, photos of this event are unavailable)